Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ page, your go-to resource for answers to all your inquiries about our wide range of cutting-edge products at Alma Lasers UK.



  • Witness the revolutionary synergy of two wavelengths:
    Precise CO<sub>2</sub> laser: Sculpts away imperfections with pinpoint accuracy.
    Gentle 1570nm warmth: Reawakens collagen, boosting youth from within.
    But the magic lies in their dance. Alma’s patented HyGrid® technology weaves them into a never-before-seen precise injury pattern, unlocking deeper results, while minimising downtime.
    Personalise every touch. Nearly a dozen customisable settings empower you to tailor treatments, maximising procedure time and revenue.
    Last but not least, minimise recovery time with the ultrasound IMPACT handpeice to deliver cosmeceuticals into the epidermis.

  • Yes. Alma Hybrid is CE marked and FDA approved.

  • Yes. using the CO2 laser alone with the HyLight applicator will allow you to perform a verity of surgical applications such as ablation, vaporization, excision, incision, and
    coagulation of soft tissue.

  • The ThermoTight applicator is used with low power CO2 laser beam delivery, for dermal heating. It creates a thermal effect as it has a unique defocus lens that
    prevents ablation. It was designed to provide gentle and pleasant heat for the treatment of skin laxity. The treatment is monitored by an external thermometer.

  • The Alma Hybrid system with the Impact applicator is intended to create acoustic pressure above the skin for trans-epidermal delivery of cosmeceuticals products into the skin. This delivery method can enhence the effect of the substances on the skin and boost my results. IMPACT is an additional step after treatment with the ProScan applicator.

  • The main indications of the Alma Hybrid are:
    Skin resurfacing, Wrinkles, rhytids, and furrows (including fines lines and texture irregularities), Skin laxity, Scar revision (burn & traumatic),Surgical scars, Acne scars, Uneven pigmentation/ dyschromia/ pigmentation improvement, Melasma (with the fractional technology), stretch marks (striae), and many more skin conditions.

  • Alma Hybrid is a unique medical device that utilizes three technologies-

    1. Co2 10600nm laser
    2. 1570nm Fiber laser
    3. IMPACT patented Ultrasound technology for Trans Epidermal Delivery

    Our ProScan applicator with the HyGrid mode of action, gives you the benefit of both the lasers in one applicator, enables you to custom-program the skin ablative -non ablative ratio in a matrix of the precise proportions required to meet the unique treatment needs of each patient.

  • Alma Hybrid™ combines the power of ablative and non-ablative lasers for a wide range of treatments, creating a uniquely synergistic effect. These unique hybrid combination of lasers enables you to create a tailor-made treatment for a variety of indications with controled downtime to suit your patients needs and schadual.