Our Story

We put people and their needs first. Our approach is to listen and translate the true needs of your patients into outstanding, cutting edge technology.

Welcome to Alma

Alma is a key pillar of Sisram Medical, a global consumer wellness group, leveraging its diverse portfolio and strong global presence to pursue its vision in becoming a global wellness consumer brand.

For over 20 years Alma has been a world-leading provider of energy-based solutions for the surgical, medical aesthetics and beauty markets in over 90 countries…

Now it your turn, we are here directly in the UK and Ireland to better support customers and grow a supportive community of Alma practitioners.

As part of our long term commitment for customers ,our mission is to set bold new standards of excellence in aesthetic services, solutions, and technology that empower clinics and patients to thrive.


To address yours and your patients’ needs we harness over 20 years of research and development. A key part of our DNA.

Our extensive portfolio of proven effective aesthetics devices are propelling the industry towards a transformative future, enabling vast in-clinic capabilities with maximum efficiency.

Empowering clinics is all we know. Lets go.

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  • Our Team

    Our story is a story of people. And that’s not a cliché or a trendy statement. Alma’s success can only be understood through the people who have helped achieve it. The people who give life to our values day-in, day-out, the people who have shaped our DNA over the years, the people who touch the lives of our clients and their patients across the globe, and the partners that have shared our success. We are the people of Alma. It’s nice to meet you.
  • Kamran Shibli

    General Manager UK and Ireland
    As the General Manager for the UK and Ireland, Kamran Shibli is dedicated to our mission, inspiring our team every day. Our goal? To transform from being just a product provider to a trusted brand partner. We're on a mission to introduce an ecosystem of products, services, and solutions that empower our customers and clinics to not only thrive but surpass their business expectations.
    Hustle hard. Win together.
  • Ryan Pearson

    National Sales Manager
    As a National Sales Manager, Ryan is constantly inspired by the incredible transformations our technology brings to patients and the remarkable success our clinics achieve when they invest in Alma devices. The impact the team has every day is what makes working at Alma so fulfilling!
    Hard work fuels success
  • Katie Wilson

    Head of Customer Experience (Cx)
    Meet Katie Wilson, the driving force behind customer experience! Her mission is to partner with clinics to supercharge marketing demand. Katie's expertise and passion make her the ultimate ally in your clinic's journey to success
    Excellence, a journey, not destination.
  • Sophie Perry

    Senior Customer Success Manager
    Meet Sophie, one of our exceptional customer success here at Alma! Sophie is your expert for clinical education and digital support. With her guidance, you'll not only develop your business, but ensure you are utilising your devices to their full potential.
    Learning opens infinite doorways.
  • Chloe Layton

    Customer Success Manager
    Meet Chloe, the face of exceptional customer success here at Alma! As one of our dedicated Customer Success Managers, Chloe is your expert for clinical education and ongoing advice. With her guidance, you'll not only develop your business, but you'll achieve results like no other in the world of aesthetics.
    Education transforms potential into reality.
  • Katie Vaughan

    Head of Marketing
    As our Head of Marketing Katie is our visionary in creating jaw dropping campaigns and show stopping events. Her experience and flamboyant personality shines through ensuring every touchpoint you have with Alma has been carefully curated.
    Pressure is a privilege
  • Lucy Hillen

    Events and Marcomms Manager
    Lucy is a visionary at creating engaging and visually striking event experiences. Managing our Events & Marketing Communications, her passion lies in ensuring every Alma event, training session and conference is unforgettable.
    Crafting unforgettable experiences
  • Abby Cotter

    Digital Manager
    Abby is our digital guru in the realm of aesthetics marketing! With 5 years experience specifically in Aesthetics Marketing, she is a specialist in the industry and uses her insights to support clinics in driving patient demand.
    Pursue your passions.
  • Becky Hymers

    Sales Business Manager
    Becky is your go-to Sales Business Manager covering the North, Scotland and Ireland! With a unique background as a practitioner herself, Becky truly gets your day-to-day needs and demands. Her first-hand experience brings invaluable insight and unwavering passion to the table.
    Don’t wait for opportunity – create it!
  • Charlie Bird

    Sales Business Manager
    Charlie Bird, is your partner in revolutionary energy based devices! Charlie proudly stands as Alma's Sales Business Manager covering the North West region. With her expertise in the latest technological innovations, Charlie is your go-to partner in unlocking the potential of revolutionary advancements in the industry.
    Action Ignites Ambition
  • Bex Harding

    Sales Business Manager
    Bex is our dedicated and passionate Sales Business Manager, covering the Midlands and the South West. Her experience with devices and commitment to her customers results in them achieving fantastic results and business success.
    Turn positivity into lasting connections.
  • Sandy Mann

    Sales Business Manager
    Sandy is our Sales Business Manager serving central London. With years experience in the aesthetics industry Sandy fully understands the demands of clinics and how to support them to achieve their goals.
    Passion powers perseverance.
  • Charlotte Morriss

    Sales Business Manager
    Charlotte is your dedicated Sales Business Manager covering London and the South. With her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology, Charlotte is here to assist you in taking your clinic to the next level with Alma.
    Success favours the determined.